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3 simple steps to boost your brand sales in China

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Getting on shelf in China is a huge achievement however, brands are often surprised when forecasted sales don’t materialise. 

There are of course many contributing factors, however, more often than not, we observe a sharp upturn in sales when brands take the following actions:

1.   Don’t rely on your China distributor to manage your China brand marketing

2.   Localise your brand messaging and visual identity to appeal to the unique preferences of the Chinese consumer

3.   Start engaging with the Chinese Australian community to start seeding your brand into China

Always remember that in China your brand is competing against every major brand in the world in your category and distributors and retailers will always prioritise brands that are actively engaging with Chinese consumers. 

This is also an excellent negotiation tool to preserve your margins, so make sure you send your China sales teams your annual marketing plan and monthly updates. You can also drive sales traffic to your retailers' online stores, which will not only increase your sales but build your relationships with retailers.

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